The portable, "Whirly Bird". A timeless merry-go-round toy for all ages, at an affordable price!

What is a Twirl-Go-Round?

I'm Daryl, and we at Twirl-Go-Round are in the business of making kids happy. The "Whirly Bird", as it was often referred to as, is a marvellous spinning activity centre combining the best features of merry-go-rounds and teeter totters , all in one.

The Twirl-Go-Round is a memorable ride that has past the test of time through four generations of happy children. Set yours up in your backyard, basement or anywhere suitable for playground-like fun!

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Twirl-Go-Round Ultra (Adult Model)
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4 Seat Blue & Yellow (Kids Model)
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2 Seat Blue & Yellow (Kids Model)
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Hi Daryl, Im so glad someone has revived this  “out door toy”! I had a merry-go-round 50 years ago when I was a child and now my grand kids can experience the same outdoor fun I did! I bought the four seat model from your website and my grand kids are now outside getting fresh air and exercise instead of sitting in the house playing video games! Thank you for all your help!

~ M. Hudson.


Good afternoon Daryl, I am very happy to see your product, Twirl-Go-Round, out on the market! I work with learning impaired children and my research has proven that this sort of activity stimulates the vestibular section of  the ear ...which in turn, stimulates the brain to help children focus and learn.

~ Dr. Grath

A little history...

Yes, we made it on Dragons Den!

Our product had a short showing on the show but we actually had amazing feedback from the dragons who had fun using our product. Although the Twirl-Go-Round was only featured for 20 sec on the show, we actually visited the Den for over an hour with our pitch and received excellent advice and feedback from the Dragons!